Fate Is a Four Letter Word

Harold Ball by Harold Ball
Petersen Lake

I have yet to decide if it's more exiting or satisfying to be actively looking for something that appears unattainable and finding it, or to have it unexpectedly drop into your lap.

In either case the Fates have to be in your corner, and so they were in regards to the purchase of our Petersen Lake property in the far reaches of North Western Ontario.

Over the years I have acquired som very interesting items over the internet. When doing a recent inventory of these purchases I continue to wonder to this day what evil forces took possession of my common sense and compelled me to hit the "submit order" icon. Until recently these purchases have been rather modest, some fishing tackle, maps, car accessories, camping gear etc. - most of them useless, but of modest value nevertheless. That was until I came across the on-line listing for Petersen Lake in January 2009.

While being somewhat familiar with the area, I was more than intrigued by the description of the property - and the price. At first it appeared to fall under the "This is too good to be true" category, but fortunately it turned out not to be the case.

Well, to get right to the point, we now own this little piece of Canada and have been in the process of doing some clean up , construction and otherwise just trying to find our way around. Being the only piece of deeded property within an area covering over 300,000 acres of Crown Land and with direct access to a river system that flows through over 100 miles of virtually untouched boreal forest, we still have a lot of ground to cover.

Not surprisingly the fishing is excellent, and with a lake full of walleye and pike right outside our front door, a fresh fish dinner is usually only a cast or two away. That said. I am seriously thinking about formally adopting all of the fish in our lake meaning that you will have to travel the 200 yards from the cabin, through the narrows and into the river to get your dinner. I knew it was a mistake to start naming the fish !

So if you would like to keep abreast of the goings on in and around Petersen Lake, please check in with us from time to time.

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