The Petersen Lake Monster

Petersen Lake

The Petersen Lake Monster, affectionately known as "Bruce," put in a rare appearance this past week, but unfortunately for him it was on the end of Jeanette Nooren's line.

 The "Monster" who is rarely seen, and according to Bruce anyway, had never been caught, weighed in at a solid 18 pounds and was an impressive 38" in length.

When asked how he managed to grow to such gargantuan proportions while at the same time being dumb enough to fall for the old jig and grub trick he replied:

"She got lucky and I guess you could say I was a bit lazy thinking that I would grab myself an easy snack. When I got up to the boat and she hauled me in, I gave her my best evil Pike stare and she immediately put me back into the water, but not before some dork with a camera snapped a couple of pictures.

It's a good thing she did let me go because I was some pissed off and looking for something - or someone - to sink my teeth into."

We are pleased to report that other than a slight stinging sensation in the corner of his jaw, Bruce was back to ambushing prey almost immediately after this most embarrassing incident. 

Don't forget to take a look at some of Bruce's Petersen Lake buddies in the Image Gallery below,

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