Harold Ball

Harold Ball

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Beaverland Camp - Fish, Laugh, Reflect...

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While driving along Highway #11, about forty-five kilometres north of the city of North Bay Ontario, you will come across a sign marking the turn off for Beaverland Road. Make the turn, and after a short drive along the relatively narrow gravel road, you will arrive in Beaverland Camp.


Keeping a Personal Field Journal

Published in Field Journal

Years ago it was common practice for explorers, adventurers and just ordinary folks to keep a personal hand written journal.


For some their journals were used to compile and publish books about their experiences after returning from the field, and for others, finding the time to quielty reflect and record events as they were happening was the most effective way to leave behind a permanent record of their life experiences.


Cabin 14 Cook Book

Published in Cabin 14 Recipes

Many different things happen within the environs of Cabin 14 during our annual fishing trips, eating being one of the most important and most frequent.

Over the 30 plus years that I have been cooking for the inmates of Cabin14, I have gathered up quite a collection of hints, shortcuts and simple “stick to your ribs” recipes.

Nothing too fancy, just straight forward “fish camp” cooking that will keep the grumbling and complaining to a minimum and thereby make for a happy crew.

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