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“A first class guide must be a master seaman, chef, marriage counselor, confidant, mixologist, sommelier, meteorologist, whipping boy, tackle consultant, mechanic, ichthyologist, zoologist, expert fisherman and have x-ray vision.

They must also be imbued with the patience and demeanor of a saint, because if anything- and I mean anything - goes wrong, it will be their fault…”


Tackling Tackle

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While buying fishing tackle can be a very enjoyable experience, it can also be darn frustrating at times. The selections are mind numbing, everyone claims that their stuff will out fish and out last everyone else’s, and prices range from downright cheap, to the ridiculously expensive.


Mike's Esnagami Lake Lodge Adventure

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This blog entry, which was written by my nephew, Michael Brettell, describes his trip to Esnagami Lake Lodge this past June.


Mikes parents gave him this trip for his 13th birthday and, once he got over the initial disappointment of not getting an iPad, Mike had what he described as an “awesome” time.


He out fished and out ate all of us, and even learned a couple of new jokes that he could tell his mom and sisters without getting him, or his dad into too much trouble.


Great Bear Lake - 2010

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And in the Beginning… it was just too long!


This year’s trip started off with a bang as I walked up to the Air Canada check-in counter in Toronto in preparation to boarding my flight to Edmonton.



WWFF Construction Company 2 - The Sequel

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This years construction activities started off with a renaming of both people and places.


As you may recall last years crew – otherwise known as the We Work For Food Construction Company or WWFFCC – who, in polite society go by the names of Lou and Roman or as I am fond of calling them, Rocky and Bullwinkle....

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