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Many different things happen within the environs of Cabin 14 during our annual fishing trips, eating being one of the most important and most frequent.

Over the 30 plus years that I have been cooking for the inmates of Cabin14, I have gathered up quite a collection of hints, shortcuts and simple “stick to your ribs” recipes.

Nothing too fancy, just straight forward “fish camp” cooking that will keep the grumbling and complaining to a minimum and thereby make for a happy crew.

Cooking 2 and sometimes 3 meals a day for at least 10 hungry and demanding guys has it own unique set of challenges.  If you draw the short straw and are accorded the dubious distinction of being named Cabin 14’s Executive Chef, there are certain rules to be followed and short cuts to employ if you want to make it through the week and not spend every waking hour trying to keep everyone fed and watered..

To be successful your food must be:

  • Produced in copious quantities
  • Filling
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Affordable
  • Tasty

I don’t want to leave you with the impression that being named Chef is all bad. To be Chef is to have power, particularly when dealing with a crowd that is highly food motivated. You never have to wash a single dish and all one has to do if confronted with any complaints is thrust a handy cooking utensil at the dissident(s) making it very clear that you will expect THEM to prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner just the way you like it for the balance of the week.

It’s rather amazing how such a small gesture can put the complainant in their place and improve the taste of the food so quickly.

A word of caution before we go on.  The amounts of ingredients shown are my best guesses at trying to give you some guidelines on how much of what to use.  Like many cooks I start with a basic recipe and then make adjustments as I go along until I get the taste I am looking for.  So don’t think you have to adhere precisely to what I have suggested, use your own judgment and always remember when all is said and done – it’s all about taste.

So please stay tuned for some, hints, shortcuts and great recipes.

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