Great Bear Lake Journal - Trophy Lodge - July 14 to 21, 2012

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While at times it seems to fly by, a year is actually a very long time – particularly between our fishing trips to Great Bear Lake. Anything can, and sometimes does happen that threatens to throw a wrench into our plans, but in 2012, not unlike the previous thirty plus years for many us, the fates were once again in our corner, we overcame the odds, and would soon be gathering in Edmonton on the first leg of our journey to the "Bear."


Jack - O

Published in Tales from Cabin 14

“It was always a good idea to keep an eye on Jack, and pay very close attention to what he would bring in on his stringer, because when it came to finding creative ways to recycle a dead catfish or the like, he wrote the book.

In his opinion they made great hot water bottles, and it was not unusual to find one tucked up under the sheets to keep your toes warm and toasty at night…”


Petersen Lake and the WWFF Construction Company

Published in Petersen Lake

When we first visited our Petersen Lake property, we were quick to decide that together with some general clean up and repairs, a small amount of new construction would be in order.


Perhaps a screened in porch or gazebo? Should we think about replacing the roof?  Did the cabin foundation need reinforcing, and so on.


Cabin 14 Cook Book

Published in Cabin 14 Recipes

Many different things happen within the environs of Cabin 14 during our annual fishing trips, eating being one of the most important and most frequent.

Over the 30 plus years that I have been cooking for the inmates of Cabin14, I have gathered up quite a collection of hints, shortcuts and simple “stick to your ribs” recipes.

Nothing too fancy, just straight forward “fish camp” cooking that will keep the grumbling and complaining to a minimum and thereby make for a happy crew.

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