A Piscatorial Extravaganza!

Cabin 14

 It wouldn’t be a stretch to label 2019 as the “Year of the Fish,”

It wouldn’t be a stretch to label 2019 as the “Year of the Fish,” or something equally lame and/or boring, but it is a stone cold fact that I’ve fished more, and in all manner of different places, than has ever been the case since I started practicing the piscatorial arts, more years ago than I either care to, or am capable of remembering.

And as to the where and when these various “piscatorial” activities took place:

• The Patagonia, Chile (February 21 to March 3)

• Esnagami Wilderness Lodge, Nakina ON (May 16 to 26, June 15 to 22 & September 2 to 6)

• Beaverland Camp, Marten River ON (June 8 to 14)

• Great Bear Lake, NWT (Great Bear Lodge - June 29 to July 5 & Arctic Circle Lodge – July 6 to July 12)

• Rice Lake, ON (July 27 & September 21)

• Harbour Grace, Nfld. (August 17 to 21)

There is no reason I can offer up to explain why it all came together this particular year - perhaps it was just one of those “stars were in alignment” things, and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time - so I’m not even going to try and figure it out, because that would be just plain dumb.

It is what it is, as is often said, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Let me be clear, this is not some narcissistic or vainglorious attempt on my part to impress anyone, simply because I was fortunate enough to fish a lot, and in some pretty neat places at that, but rather it’s more in the nature of a thank you, directed towards those who helped with all of the logistics, made any number of direct and indirect contributions, and otherwise worked their collective butts off to make these trips a resounding success, including of course all the folks I fished with, that made it so damn much fun.

Therefore, and without further adieu, I’d like to give a special shout out, and offer up a sincere “thanks a million” to:

• Cousin Dave

• Gary

• Ivan

• Nick

• Russ (for staying home)

• Mike B.

• Mike M.

• “T”

• Lynn

• Kenny (sort of)

• Art

• Rodney

• Our server at Papa Franco’s in Kapuskasing

• “Jelly”

• Dave Jackson

• Eric Lund

• “Pike” Mike (his stories are an adventure in and of themselves)

• Mark M

• John S

• Craig

• Lisa

• Lou & Roman or Goombah’s # 1 & #2 of the WWFF&FCC

• Daniel

• Barry

• “Bunk”

• Ed B

• Brad

• John

• Uncle Iggy

• Herbie

• The bartender at the Airport Holiday Inn in Santiago

• Henry

• James

• John and Alicia at Eppinger for hooking me up with Malibu Barbie

• “Aunty Mo”

• Chuk

• Al

• June & Dean

• Lori & Mike

• Jorge

• The lady at Latham Airlines in Santiago that moved us to the front of the check in line.

• Donna Virma

• Bruno

• Paula

• The onion ring cook at “group” shore lunch in September.

• Larry the Pilot

• “Iron Man” the Pilot

• Chef Troy

• Greg

• Tracy

• Billy

• Troy H

• Air Canada, Westjet, Canadian North, Latham, Nakina Air Services, “Plummer’s” Air and Summit Air, for not loosing and/or destroying any of my luggage/equipment, and for getting me there and back safely – and for the most part on time.

• Adam

• Eric VG

• Codey

• Chris

• Yvonne

• Justin

• Hayden

• The guy who kept our stove going at Plummer’s

• Derek

• Lauren

• Harmony

• Kris @ Triton Pro

• Rick

• Gordon

• “Skip”

• Mark F

• Rohan

• “Turkey” Dave

• The tackle shop guy at Plummer’s for finding me some single hooks

• Cheech

• Mort

• Steve

• Luke

• The fish

• Eric O

• Robert O

• El Diablo

• Mother Nature – albeit I include her somewhat reluctantly given all of the ice, and for the most part crappy weather we had to deal with at Bear, and

• The many others whose names currently, and will likely continue to escape me.

Yes, it was a very good year, and one that I would certainly like to match, if not better it in 2020, assuming of course the “stars” deign to align themselves yet again.

And finally, if you haven’t already seen them in the trip journals posted on the Cabin 14 – www.cabin14.ca - and/or Great Bear Lake Outdoors – www.greatbearlakeoutdoors.com - sites, a small sample of the places and faces are included for your viewing pleasure in the gallery below.

Post Script:  In retrospect perhaps I should have been a bit more effusive when thanking Mother Nature, because when it came to all of the Steelhead outings I had planned this fall, she shut me down completely. C’est la vie…

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