Beaverland 2018 - My - What Big Teeth You Have Foxy!

Published in Field Journal

This years Beaverland adventure had it all. People being stalked by wild – well sort of wild – animals, unfinished “Welcome Coolers,” stuffed mushroom caps, snakes on a plane - or in this case a boat – a dead skunk in the middle of the road, camaraderie, a haberdashery extravaganza, and ahem - much, much more!


The Victory Lap

Published in Cabin 14


If you’ve read any of the material I have been plastered this site with over the past year or so, you will have likely figured out that I have taken up retirement on a full time basis.

While it was a long time coming, as I suppose most retirements are, it has certainly been well worth the wait...


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