Beaverland 2018 - My - What Big Teeth You Have Foxy!

Published in Field Journal

This years Beaverland adventure had it all. People being stalked by wild – well sort of wild – animals, unfinished “Welcome Coolers,” stuffed mushroom caps, snakes on a plane - or in this case a boat – a dead skunk in the middle of the road, camaraderie, a haberdashery extravaganza, and ahem - much, much more!


Jack - O

Published in Tales from Cabin 14

“It was always a good idea to keep an eye on Jack, and pay very close attention to what he would bring in on his stringer, because when it came to finding creative ways to recycle a dead catfish or the like, he wrote the book.

In his opinion they made great hot water bottles, and it was not unusual to find one tucked up under the sheets to keep your toes warm and toasty at night…”

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