Come Fly with Me

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 While the sport of fly fishing has become somewhat demystified over the years, many continue to see it as a way to catch fish, that is best left to those who have an unhealthy fascination with insects and bugs, and likely live in their parents basement.


The Victory Lap

Published in Cabin 14


If you’ve read any of the material I have been plastered this site with over the past year or so, you will have likely figured out that I have taken up retirement on a full time basis.

While it was a long time coming, as I suppose most retirements are, it has certainly been well worth the wait...



Mike's Esnagami Lake Lodge Adventure

Published in Field Journal

This blog entry, which was written by my nephew, Michael Brettell, describes his trip to Esnagami Lake Lodge this past June.


Mikes parents gave him this trip for his 13th birthday and, once he got over the initial disappointment of not getting an iPad, Mike had what he described as an “awesome” time.


He out fished and out ate all of us, and even learned a couple of new jokes that he could tell his mom and sisters without getting him, or his dad into too much trouble.


Petersen Lake and the WWFF Construction Company

Published in Petersen Lake

When we first visited our Petersen Lake property, we were quick to decide that together with some general clean up and repairs, a small amount of new construction would be in order.


Perhaps a screened in porch or gazebo? Should we think about replacing the roof?  Did the cabin foundation need reinforcing, and so on.

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