Come Fly with Me

Published in Fly Fishing

 While the sport of fly fishing has become somewhat demystified over the years, many continue to see it as a way to catch fish, that is best left to those who have an unhealthy fascination with insects and bugs, and likely live in their parents basement.


Where the Thunder Lizards Roamed

Published in Tales from Cabin 14

“It is a land frozen in time, an ancient place, shrouded in both mystery and legend.

The people of Great Bear Lake – the Sahtu Dene, have lived here since the beginning of time as we would perhaps understand it, and through the generations have handed down stories of Na acho – the gigantic mammals and birds that once roamed the earth.

While it is unlikely that you will encounter a T-Rex today, the lake now boasts a new generation of giants – Lake Trout…”

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