Common Loon
Common Loon

Stop, Look & Listen - The Birds of Petersen Lake

Petersen Lake

During our first year at the cabin, we often times commented on what we believed to be a lack of bird life in the area.

 Although we did come across Common Loons, Mergansers and an annoying Red Breasted Nuthatch that would “Yak – Yak” itself horse throughout the day, other than those few, the area appeared to be somewhat ornithologically challenged. 

But little did we know, the area around the cabin was in fact a veritable treasure trove of our fine-feathered friends.

Once we took the time to stop, look and listen, we have positively identified the following birds:

• Common Loon

• Merganser

• Red Breasted Nuthatch

• Canada Goose 

• Northern Harrier

• Trumpeter Swan

• Black Capped Chickadee

• Bald Eagle

• Winter Wren 

• Blue Jay

• Raven

• Osprey

• King Fisher

• Owl (specific type not identified)

• Ruffed Grouse

• Goldeneye

• Purple Martin

• Robin

• Whiskey Jack or Grey Jay

• Spotted Sandpiper

• Red Winged Blackbird

• Common Tern

• Ring Billed Gull

• Pileated Woodpecker

• Solitary Sandpiper

25 species and counting, and my guess is that we just barely scratched the surface. 

We even managed to catch a few of them on camera, as you can see below.


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